The Museum of Islamic Art In Doha, Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha owns an important collection of about 700 Islamic documents created between the 8th to the 19th century. The collection includes many commercial and administrative letters (taqlid, tafwidh or marsum), literary and liturgical documents, as well as talismanic scrolls. These documents are an invaluable source of historical information as they can name or give clues about lost cities or monuments, and can be associated with archaeological studies of periods and places. The study of these documents may also shed further light on how past judicial system may have functioned in cities like Fustat in Egypt.

Dr. Moez Dridi, member of the Islamic Law Materialized European Projet, went to Doha in December 2014 n order to document and publish such important discoveries.

With MIA curator, Dr. Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya, they carefully study, compare and document these manuscripts while at the same time MIA photographer, Amin Diban, takes on the task of meticulously photographing more than 700 folios and fragments, one by one, over the course of several months.